Two Year Health Guarantee Against Many Congenital Defects and Lifetime Guarantee Against Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration and Von Willebrand

Unless otherwise indictated, all puppies sold come with a two year (from birth) health guarantee against congenital birth defects that significantly affect its quality of life or threatened the life of the puppy. All puppies will also come with a lifetime guarantee against Progessive Rod Cone Degeneration (one of the most common eye problems found in toy/miniature poodles) and VonWillebrand. If your vet provides a written diagnosis of congenital defects before the puppy turns two years old, and he/she determines that this defect will have a significant negative impact on the length or quality of life of your puppy, a replacement puppy will be provided at no cost to you (when you return the first puppy). This guarantee does NOT include such things as parasites, ear mites, luxating patellas, umbilical hernias, overbites/underbites, undescended testicles or other similar conditions, although I will always let a buyer know if such conditions exist. Occasionally I do have a puppy with a slight over/underbite, but other than that the other problems rarely happen. We don't anticipate my puppies will have any of these problems, but these often can be treated very easily or a dog can lead a completely normal life. Furthermore, this guarantee does not cover ANY veternarian or related bills or expenses that the buyer may incur. For this guarantee to be in affect, all puppies must be microchipped by their new owners by the time the puppy reaches six months of age. I also reserve the right (at my expense) to have the puppy examined by my vet to confirm the buyer's vet's diagnosis. If the two diagnosis conflict then I will pay for another vet that is mutually agreed upon by me and the buyer, and that vet's diagnosis will be binding as far as this health guarantee is concerned. I will extended the health guarantee to three years from birth if the new puppy owner will keep the puppy on NuVet Plus, an all natural supplement that I highly recommend!We have only been notified by very few different buyers that have gotten one of my puppies and it ended up having a cogenital defect. Most of these have occurred years ago and involved slipped/luxating patellas. Those adult dogs that produced these puppies are no longer part of my breeding program. All owners wanted to keep their puppies and a partial refund of the purchase price of their puppy was given to two of the owners (even though slipped patellas are not covered by my guarantee). We stand behind our puppies! Interestingly enough, all but two of these puppies were females. Many were the runt of their litter, one was a chocolate male, one red male. There were different mothers and fathers of these puppies, so I have not isolated any "bad gene" from one of my adults. We are not implying that chocolates, females or runts, in general, are more suspectible to genetic problems, just simplying giving prospective buyers a little bit more information about my puppies. Please e-mail if you have additional questions!