A former public school administrator (over 20 years in public education)who along with my family and friends raise our dogs and puppies. The raising of my adult dogs and the care of their puppies is part of our children's schooling and responsibility. There are just a few dogs that are bred as a side hobby and ministry! We have just a few litters each year.
Our mission is two fold: Improve the poodle breed by genetically testing our adult dogs and educating the people who obtain a puppy or dog from us. Secondly to have this ministry be a blessing for others. Each year over $6,000 is given to missionaries and our church. In 2010 three puppies and one adult dog, were given away to Central Illinois families in need including one puppy to a non profit organization that places service dogs with disabled people. In 2011 more dogs were given away. See our testimonials page for more details.

My wife, eight children and I live in Central Illinois. Our eight children are all biologically ours and are 24 years old and younger. None of them are twins! We have 4 boys and 4 girls. The oldest two are married and we are blessed with four grandchildren! Our home is on 2 acres of in rural Central Illinois. It is part of our children's schooling that they play a key role in the care of the adult dogs and their puppies. We believe that by ensuring that our children help with the proper care of our pets, they in turn will be more responsible parents and citizens. Character building and a Christian upbringing is more important to my wife and I than any academics they are taught. Properly raising our dogs is an integral part of the process of building character in our children. Many of our oldest children earn money for every puppy that is sold as they each have daily, individual responsibilities. With the help of family and friends we raise these puppies and their parents!

More family photos coming soon!